BGCI's Tree Conservation Fund

An initiative created by Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) to enable businesses, philanthropic organisations, and governments around the world to contribute to the essential effort to save the world’s threatened tree species. 

The Problem

17,500 tree species (30% of the world’s tree species) are threatened with extinction and we must act now. Humans are the main driver for species loss and the challenges facing trees. 

Each species faces its own challenge ranging from over exploitation to climate change. 

The Solution

Tree species provide incredible benefits to people and the planet and there is still time to save the world’s threatened tree species. 

Botanic Gardens Conservation International is working with botanic gardens, local communities, and governments across the globe to protect the world’s threatened tree species and ensure that the benefits they bring are maintained. 

Species on the Brink

You can save a tree species. Learn more about the tree species on the brink of extinction.

Species saved by BGCI and our partners

BGCI has already saved countless species with partners across the world.