Pitavia punctata

Where is this tree found?

This species is only found in the Coastal Mountain Range in Chile. It grows in remnant forests confined to ravines or in poorly drained low-lying areas surrounded by commercial forestry.

Why save this tree?

It is one of a kind being the only species in its genus. It has been severely threatened by the destruction of Chile’s native forests in the last 30 years. There are now thought to be fewer than 1,000 mature individuals remaining.

Increased frequency of fire is a major threat. In 2017, fires which spread from exotic Eucalyptus plantations severely damaged some of the few remaining localities of this species.

How to save this species

There is still hope for this species. Our partners have had good success growing this species from freshly collected seeds and cuttings. Damaged trees are also able to regenerate, allowing disturbed populations to recover if appropriate conservation management is in place.

Funding will enable a propagation programme for this species to be initiated. Living conservation collections will be established at botanic gardens across Chile to act as an insurance policy against its extinction in the wild.

Reintroduction activities will take place at selected sites to restore and extend populations. Working with local landowners will help ensure long-term protection at sites within its range.

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