Hopea sangal

Where is this tree found?

This tree species can reach heady heights of up to 40 m. It is found in lowland mixed dipterocarp forests of southeast Asia and is particularly common near rivers.

Why save this tree?

This species produces commercially valuable hardwood, which is used for heavy construction. Selective logging has contributed to its decline.

Its habitat has also faced clearance for palm oil plantations and other agricultural purposes, often using slash and burn techniques over huge areas. It is estimated that its population has decreased between 30-50% in the last 300 years.

How to save this species

Our in-country partner is working to restore a 224-hectare site located in Merisuli, Sabah. With your support, they will be able to scale up the propagation of this species and plant it within the restoration site.

Long-term sustainability of conservation actions is key. Working with Sabah Forestry Department, our partner has created a 10-Year Forest Management Plan for the restoration site, to ensure conservation activities will continue to benefit future generations.

Collaboration with local communities will also be a crucial activity. They will be actively involved with all key elements of the project such as propagation and tree planting.

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