Guaiacum officinale

Where is this tree found?

This species is native to the tropical dry forests of the Caribbean, Central America and northern South America. In Colombia, there are now only two known populations left.

Why save this tree?

The habitat of this species, tropical dry forest, has suffered from extensive losses in recent years. Major threats include the development of large monoculture plantations, unsustainable cattle ranching, and expansion of urban areas.

The species itself has also been particularly targeted for 400 years for its sought after timber and medicinal properties.

How to save this species

Funding will enable restoration actions to take place in degraded tropical forests of the Caribbean region of Colombia.

Genetically representative propagation material will be collected during botanical surveys. It is estimated that 25,000 trees could be planted back into the wild.

Stakeholder engagement with local landowners will take place with the aim to create private conservation areas. This model has worked successfully in other areas of Colombia.

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