Dipterocarpus grandiflorus

Where is this tree found?

This forest giant grows in lowland primary tropical rainforests of southeast Asia and India. Southeast Asia is one of the world’s plant diversity hotspots, home to approximately 56,000 plant species with an estimated 52% being endemic and found nowhere else on the planet.

Why save this tree?

Its timber is commercially valuable and is used for building construction and flooring. The wood also yields large quantities of balsam which is used as a varnish. Overexploitation has contributed to the population decline of this species.

There has also been a widespread loss of primary rainforest across its range primarily due to urban and agricultural expansion.

How to save this species

Our in-country partner is working to restore a 500-hectare site located in Perak, Peninsular Malaysia. With your support, they will be able to scale up the propagation of this species and plant it within the restoration site.

The Jahai community, which are indigenous to the area, will be empowered with key technical skills such as plant identification and propagation. Saplings grown in community nurseries will be sold support restoration activities and thereby creating a sustainable financial model.

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