Cola porphyrantha

Where is this tree found?

This species was originally reported from the coastal forests of Kenya and Tanzania, which are a biodiversity hotspot.

This species may have been completely lost from Tanzania, due to habitat loss and degradation.

Why save this tree?

In Kenya, the species is known from only two locations. In Kwale, the last known mature individuals were destroyed by elephants, but some young seedlings remain.

The other location in Pangani is being heavily encroached for agriculture, cutting of trees is common and the roots of the remaining trees of this species are now fully exposed due to flooding.

How to save this species

Funding will help protect these remaining trees in their natural habitat through awareness-raising and working with communities to identify appropriate protection measures.

Survey work will be carried out to determine if there are additional individuals of this species in other forest fragments. Propagation of this species is key for its survival. Seed production is very low so cuttings will also be taken from all known individuals.

Propagated seedlings will be planted in forest restoration plots at two sites alongside other tree species from the coastal forests, including fast growing species in the Fabaceae family such as Bauhinia mombassae (Endangered) and Prioria msoo (Vulnerable). Additional secure sites for planting will be identified

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