Cola octoloboides

Where is this tree found?

This species is endemic to the southern coastal areas of Kenya. It is found in Kilifi and Kwale counties, being known from only four sites, however it is rare within those sites.

Why save this tree?

The species is found in evergreen forest on limestone or in shady crevices of forest. There has been a decline in the number of subpopulations, mature individuals and area and quality of habitat due to quarrying of limestone for cement and road materials. There is also clearing of habitat for agriculture.

Although this species remains in small numbers in protected sites, unprotected areas of coastal forest are being lost at a rapid rate.

How to save this species

Survey work will be carried out in remaining coastal forest fragments to determine if other populations of this species exist.

Working with protected area managers and communities close to forests, awareness of the status of this species will be raised and measures to protect this species in its habitat will be jointly agreed upon. Seed and cuttings will be collected for propagation.

Propagated seedlings will be planted in forest restoration plots at two sites, alongside other tree species from the coastal forests, including fast-growing species in the Fabaceae family such as Bauhinia mombassae (Endangered) and Prioria msoo (Vulnerable). Additional secure sites for planting will be identified.

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