Cedrela odorata

Where is this tree found?

This large neotropical hardwood species is widespread across most of Central and South America. It grows in moist and dry lowland forests.

Why save this tree?

With aromatic, termite and rot-resistant wood, this species is one of the world’s most important timber trees. Despite is wide distribution, it has declined considerably in the last 100 years through unsustainable logging.

It has great potential to sequester carbon as it is a fast-growing pioneer species.

How to save this species

As a fast-growing pioneer species, it has the potential to be planted in high numbers to sequester carbon. Funding will enable restoration actions to take place in degraded tropical dry forests of the Caribbean region of Colombia.

Genetically representative propagation material will be collected during botanical surveys. It is estimated that 40,000 trees could be planted back into the wild.

Stakeholder engagement with local landowners will take place with the aim to create private conservation areas. This model has worked successfully in other areas of Colombia.

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