Brosimum glaziovii

Where is this tree found?

Brosimum glaziovii, known locally as ‘Camboatã’, is a tropical tree that is endemic to Brazil, being found in the coastal Atlantic Forest, with reports of it growing in the states of Santa Catarina, Paraná, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo. Populations of this species are now very restricted and largely confined to the Serra do Mar.

Why save this tree?

This species is endemic to the Atlantic Forest of Brazil but is under threat from habitat loss and logging. There is still more information that needs to be gathered about the population, ecology and distribution of this tree, however some reports suggest it is already extinct in some regions, now only being found in the least disturbed forests. The fleshy fruits produced by this tree are a food source for a range of native fauna.

How to save this species

Firstly, field surveys and studies will be carried out to discover the true extent of remaining populations in Brazil and to study the reproductive biology of this tree species. Following this, seed will be collected and 2500 individuals will be propagated and incorporated into in situ habitat restoration projects. These plantings will then be monitored to ensure their successful progress. Local communities will be educated to increase awareness of the environmental importance of this species and deforestation in Brazil.

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