Betula klokovii

Where is this tree found?

This elusive birch is only found on the chalky tops of two mountains in the Ternopil region of Ukraine.

The Kremenets Mountains National Nature Park has been established to protect the unique biodiversity of the region.

Why save this tree?

It is an important component of its mountain ecosystem providing habitat to other species. Additionally, its attractive foliage, catkins, autumnal colours and slivery bark present an ornamental opportunity for this species.

There are fewer than 60 adults remaining and they are at risk of disappearing. It is being threatened by chalk mining and hybridisation with other more common birch species.

How to save this species

Funding will enable botanical explorations to investigate other hills of the Kremenets range to search for additional locations of the species and to find suitable places for further planting.

Genetic analysis will identify potential hybrids and will be used to direct seed collection efforts to conserve as much genetic diversity as possible. The seed will then be propagated within a threatened tree nursery and saplings reintroduced back into the wild.

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