Beilschmiedia berteroana

Where is this tree found?

It only grows within Central Chile, which is one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots, with an abundance of unique species.

The area is also where the country’s forestry and agriculture activities are concentrated and as a result, contains 23% of Chile’s threatened plant species.

Why save this tree?

This species is believed to have been much more widely distributed in the past. However it now only survives in eight localities, with much of its habitat having been destroyed by fire, cattle grazing and conversion to commercial forestry plantations.

There are thought to be less than 2,000 trees left and urgent action is required to save this species.

How to save this species

Botanical expeditions are needed to ensure any additional refuges of the species are found and protected. Seeds will also be collected and used to propagate the species.

Saplings from the propagation programme will be used to reinforce populations in their natural habitat. Working with local landowners will aid the long-term sustainability of conservation actions.

Living conservation collections will also be established at botanic gardens across Chile to act as an insurance policy against its extinction in the wild.

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