Acer skutchii

Where is this tree found?

It is the most southerly distributed of the North American Sugar Maples and is native to five localities in the mountain cloud forests of Mexico and Guatemala.

Recent surveys identified that the populations are smaller and more disjunct than previously thought, occupying an area less than 50 km2 and separated over hundreds of kilometers.

Why save this tree?

The species helps to capture clouds in the forests in which it grows, maintaining constant rainfall through the year, and benefiting local people with water supply.

The greatest threat to A. skutchii is local deforestation. It is under pressure from the expansion of coffee plantations at sites within Guatemala and corn farms within Mexico.

How to save this species

Botanical exploration is needed, particularly in southern Mexico where there may be more adult trees (currently only eight are known).

Engagement with local indigenous communities in southern Mexico is important to raise awareness of the species biological value and to find other alternatives to firewood. An important activity will be to establish maple nurseries on their lands. These maple saplings will then be used for restoration planting.

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