Widdringtonia whytei

The Restoration of Malawi's National Tree

The Mulanje Cedar (Widdringtonia whytei) occurs naturally only in the Mulanje Mountain Biosphere Reserve.

It is strong, termite resistant, and a preferred material for construction. A sudden and drastic decline in the population is due to the over-exploitation for timber and an increase in the frequency of wildfire, which has prevented natural regeneration.

Cedar forest cover has declined drastically in the last thirty years and as a result, Mulanje Cedar was almost extinct.

The Project's Outcome

  • Established 10 community nurseries
  • Provided training in nursery management and enterprise development
  • Worked with experts to improve protocols for its propagation and restoration
  • Identified the best places to plant Mulanje Cedar
  • Increased awareness of Mulanje Cedar as a potential sustainable commercial timber species
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