Magnolia omeiensis

Saving a rare Chinese mountain Magnolia

Magnolia omeiensis lives its life clinging to the edges of cliffs, on Mount Emei in Sichuan, China. Like other Magnolia species, its striking flowers give it huge horticultural potential.

Its forest range is intensively logged, and although Magnolia omeiensis is endemic to the region, there were no special protection measures in place.

In 2016, only 27 mature individuals were left on the mountain.

Project outcomes

  • Over 500 seedlings have been reintroduced with a survival rate of over 90% so far.
  • 45 local community members equipped with the skills to grow and sell seedlings, providing them with a new source of income.
  • An increase of patrols has led to a significant reduction in logging.
  • Local partners are committed to the longterm conservation of this iconic tree.
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